The GeeBirth

Finished another Predator pencil piece.  I just love this character (Thank you Stan Winston and James Cameron!).  Everyone seems to forget about the smaller comic companies like Darkhorse Comics which prints Predator comics and graphic novels.  So I thought I’d make the small guy beat the crap out of the big guys - Marvel and DC - with this piece by completely blowing them all to heck and having their most prized characters as trophies (excuse the run on sentence).  IMO if it came down to it, Predator can easily kick the crap out of Spidey, and in this piece Predator is wearing a kryptonite ring (like Batman does) and has a kryptonite powered shoulder canon to bend the Man-of-Steel out of shape.  Maybe I’ll ink and color this some day so this all can be seen.

Side Note - Batman is better than Superman.

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